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By Office Staff
January 2, 2008
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St. Rosalie School began in 1958 as a small Catholic grammar school staffed by the Eucharistic Sisters of St. Dominic and later by the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary.

In 1976 the Dominican Sisters of Cabra, the Irish Dominicans, took over as the community (known as Harvey) began to expand into Woodmere Subdivision.  Following this, the school grew tremendously and is now serving a four church parish area.  To accommodate this growth, St. Rosalie split into a unique two campus school.  One campus was located on the St. Rosalie Church parish property and the other campus was located on the St. John Bosco Church parish property.

Over the years, additional property near the elementary school was purchased and redeveloped to house an elementary school library, a math/reading lab, a multimedia technology center, a religion resource room, cafetorium, improved faculty lounges, art room, band room, Preppie houses, counselor's office, and additional classrooms.

In 1987 a Pre-Kindergarten program for 4-year-olds was added to the school, and then again in 1993 a Preppie program for 3-year-old toddlers was introduced.  These programs have been very successful and have grown to include three Pre-K classes and one Preppie class.

During the 1997-1998 school year, the Middle School built a new multimedia lab with 35 computers and a file server to provide Internet access through the Archdiocese of New Orleans Internet Department.  This lab included laptop computers for teachers to checkout, a smart board and projector, and color ink jet printers.  Only one year later, this same setup was duplicated at the elementary school. 

All classrooms and extracurrciular areas currently are equipped with SMART Boards, projectors, DVD players, speaker system, a laptop, a tablet PC, printers, and multimedia computers which are utilized by the students to enhance learning.  All classrooms have Internet access and all classrooms are equipped with a large variety of academic software.  Both campuses house a mobile laptop lab that were received from various grants.  

An after school study hall program was introduced for students in grades 4-8 to assist them with homework, organization, and study habits.  An Extended Care Program is available for younger students.  These successful programs were developed at parents' requests and are staffed by faculty members.

Middle School students have benefited from the physical education program there for many years.  In 1999-2000, a full-time P.E. teacher was hired to provide physical education and health classes to the elementary students.

An addition of a new building for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergaten was completed in August 2003.

St. Rosalie School continues to grow and improve by continuing to enhance their programs.

As of January, 2010 our two campuses have become one campus. All grade levels are now located on the elementary campus. The 7th and 8th students are located in our new building. The building is furnished with a state of the art science lab and a newly stocked library.


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