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Fun Links for the Students

By Office Staff -   August 20, 2008

This page contains many fun links for students to enjoy. We will be adding more links as we see fit. If you know of any good links, please email them to me and they will be evaluated.
Here is a website for 4th grade teachers for typing and subject activites:
Peter's Online Typing Course
Play KeyMan, Bubbles and other popular typing games online - it's free! Challenge you typing skills now!
Internet Safety Games
Fun games at Fun Brain
Sports Illustrated for kids- all grades
SEC web site for kids- play games and view info. about the SEC teams
Fun Games for all grades
Lots of fun games
Arcade games, puzzle games, quizzes for fun, and lots more
Arcade games, online puzzles, strategy games and lots more
Zeeks games has hundreds of games to choose from - arcade, sports, puzzles and mazes,brain teasers, board games, etc.
Memory games, math games, alphabet games, puzzles, etc.
Disney's home page with lots of fun sites
Lots of interactive games for summer fun- all grades
Many interactive games to choose from
Play arcade games, sports games, word games, and lots more
Awesome Challenging and fun Math games (3rd-up)
Create your own Wacky Web Tails (3rd-up)
Action/ Adventure games, sports games, puzzle games, lots of fun games for kids
Have some summer fun and play at Squigly's playhouse!!!!
Play interactive games
Pre-K-6th grade activities
Play interactive games
Help Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots find the secret ingredients on a magical journey through Far Far Away
Play sports games, arcade games, puzzle games, and multi-player games
Play Looney Tune games Reading and writing web site designed for 1st graders but great for all PK - 2nd grade students.