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Beliefs of St. Rosalie

By Office Staff -   October 2, 2008

The Beliefs of St. Rosalie School:

We, at St. Rosalie School, recognize and apply the three-fold purpose of Christian education; teach doctrine, foster community, and serve others.
  • We nurture a child-centered education helping each student to realize his or her potential intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.
  • We recognize that parents are the chief educators of their children.  We encourage parental development.
  • We strive to preserve the strong family spirit that is traditional to this parish of which St. Rosalie in the educational center.
  • We live to embrace the Dominican and Salesian values while practicing the Preventive System of Education.
  • We continually create an educational environment from which flows a commitment to service projects, a sharing of faith, and a joy in meaningful liturgical celebration.
  • We help each student become confident and self-directed, life-long learners.

St. Rosalie School Motto 

St. Rosalie is...One Christ-centered community
serving God, sharing love, and giving knowledge.

Profile of a St. Rosalie Graduate

Affirming the mission and beliefs of St. Rosalie School and serving as a living example of the value of Catholic education, a St. Rosalie graduate leaves us with:

  • the belief that education instills faith, truth, and academic excellence
  • an understanding of the value of respecting others
  • the value of education and a commitment to the quest for truth, knowledge, and higher learning
  • a desire to better themselves academically and spiritually
  • a sense of self worth
  • a foundation for achieving life-long goals
  • an understanding of the Catholic faith and a desire to live by its ideals daily.