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St. Rosalie Curriculum

St. Rosalie School fosters our Catholic faith and tradition throughout the curriculum and through daily religious activities. The faculty and staff focus on catholicity as a key component for educating our students.† We believe in educating the whole child: academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. We encourage students and parents to be involved in each otherís lives, show love, and to become responsible young people. Through daily interactions with teachers, peers, and their parents, children develop character and skills they will need as they continue academically, socially, and spiritually. With these intentions, students at St. Rosalie can learn and achieve the necessary skills to accomplish their goals.

Curriculum is a balanced progression of material, strategies, philosophies, and events. St. Rosalieís curriculum embraces the daily interactions of the teacher, student, and parent(s) involved in the best interest of the child.† It is a two-way street of communication between teacher and student. Here at St. Rosalie, we pride ourselves on making sure the students of our school strive for excellence. Within each content area, students are taught basic skills that build upon each other for better understanding.

Our curriculum encompasses religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, physical education, art, library, and technology. This interdisciplinary curriculum allows the teachers flexibility to introduce and reinforce concepts through various media. Through technology-rich classrooms, our teachers meet the needs of individual students and help them achieve success.

By working with the students, the teachers learn the levels at which the students learn and accommodate those needs within their teaching styles. Teachers work together vertically and horizontally, to ensure children are reinforcing and mastering necessary skills to move onto the next level. By meeting regularly, the teachers utilize the state standards and benchmarks to help guide their instruction.† Administration works with the teachers to help meet the needs of students and excel the learning process for the students, as well as the teachers.

Below is a listing of the curriculum for each grade level. The list is broken up into content and skills the students will learn during the school year.


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