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  Fri - Sep 30, 2016




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Faculty and Staff Contact Information
Located below is a listing of the faculty and staff of St. Rosalie School. You may reach the faculty and staff at their extensions after the start of school.


Rev. Larry Urban, S.D.B., Pastor
Mary C. Wenzel, Principal
Mitzie Leonard, Administrative Assistant of Discipline
Caren Creppel, Assistant Principal/Curriculum Director
Charlotte Hemard, Assistant Principal/Curriculum(Part-Time)




Hawks Haven

Angie Musacchia (Assistant Director/Head Teacher)
Ericka Fitzmorris (Assist.)
Tracy Allo (Assist.)


Denise Baker (Preppies)
LaDonna (Assist.)
Tonya Carbo (Assist.)


Rhonda Bourg (PKRB)
Verna Williams (Assist.)
Frankie Geraci(PKFG)
Darlene Dominique(Assist.)


Angelia Landry (KAL)
Elaine Landry (Assist.)
Shirell Morgan (KSM)
Melissa Gaspard (Assist.)

1st Grade

Kim Woodrum (1KW)
Janet Lambert (Assist.)K
Karen Perque(1KP)
Angie Mahler(Assist.)

2nd Grade

Tracy Bergeron(2TB)
Natalie Jones (2NN)
Mary Galatas (2MG)

3rd Grade
Shawn LaGrange (3SL)
Alicia Landry (3AL)
Penny Matherne (3PM)

4th Grade
Jonathan Gianfala(4JG)
Sarah Comeaux (4SC)
Courtney Babin (4CB)

5th Grade
Andrew Barbier (5AB)
Kevin Loup(5KL)
Julie Rotolo (5JR)

6th Grade
Sal O'Shello (6SO)
Nicole Abadie (6NA)
Danielle Vegas (6DV)

7th Grade
Kim Barrios (7KB)
Ashley Songy  (7AS)
Mary Ducatel (7MD)

Support Staff & Extracurricular Teachers

Jan Barbier (Website Manager)
Mirta Borjas (Spanish - Elem./MS)
Heather Boudreaux (Counselor)
Kris DiMarco (Library - Elem.)
Patti Heiden (Library - MS)
Denise Kozel (Sub)
Sara Ledet (Sub)
Gina Martin (Computer)
Martha Trujillo(Art)
Michael Morvant (IT Manager)
Guyann Murphy (Religion Coord.)
Elena Baye (P.E. - Elem.)
Diane Cladwell (P.E. - Middle)

Office Staff

Mequa Pounds, Administrative Assistant
Nicole Perque, Administrative Assistant
Tina Sylve, Administrative Assistant/Finances
Arleen Thibodeaux,Administrative Assistant


Bob Brockhaus
Keith Arbour  

P.A.T.H.S. Association

Mequa Pounds
Bradd Jones


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